The Sonica is an electronic instrument built by Franklin Eventoff in 1979. Small, lute-shaped, hand-carved wood, brass. Sounds like a cross between a sitar, a theremin and a violin. Contains a Serge modular synthesizer by Serge Tcherepnin. Uses force-sensing resistor technology invented by Eventoff. 

Only 650 were made.

A brass and wooden instrument with several white buttons and two black knobs.

The Sonica Archive is a project created in 2020 by artist Megan Hattie Stahl to track down as many Sonicas as possible, tracing their ownership, movement, and use. Sonicas are strange, beautiful, and easy to play. They are also rare collector’s items. How have they traveled throughout the world since being produced in Los Angeles over four decades ago? What sort of value (sentimental, monetary, musical, aesthetic) do Sonicas hold today?